Toby’s Estate

From Sydney, New York and Singapore, and now brewing TODAY right at the heart of Jakarta!

Aroma Gelato

Churning fresh gelato in Jakarta, Indonesia


“Indonesian soul food, tradition maintained”

Remboelan is an Indonesian food restaurant, picking the best from many region, and enhanced the recipe and maintain the authentic taste successfully



Gulu Gulu Cheese Tea

Taiwanese Cheese Tea, Premium imported from Taiwan with Cheese Foam!

Ramen Ippudo

Ippudos first branch was initially opened in 1985 at Daimyo district in Fukuoka, Japan. This smallish 24-seat restaurant has observed their authentic recipes and tastes. The two pioneering menu items, “Original” Shiromaru and Akamaru, come with thicker creamy soups and are only available at this store. These soups will produce richer and full-bodied tastes, and its a perfect complement to our thin firm noodles.
Come and enjoy IPPUDO’s authentic Tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo Daimyo branch!




Avocado Lovers

Try the new drinks! Avocado Lover with chocolate sauce, coconuts, and avocado fruits above. Fresh and healthy!

Shokupan Bakery

Freshly baked with natural ingredients

Yamm Ke Ko

Chicken retailer that specializing in steamed Hakka Salted Chicken.

Lapis Lapis

freshly made premium lapis cakes have very intense but refined flavors and subtle nuances of textures.