Snap a pic at 2 of our in-mall displays ( located at East Mall level UG & LG ) and tell us why we should send you for an authentic Christmas vacation at Hong Kong DisneyLand!

Post it on your Facebook or Instagram and tag 3 of your friends

Don’t forget to follow @GrandIndo & @HKDisneyland and put hashtags #ChristmasGiftGI #HKDisneyland & #SantaGoofyGI

Be as creative as possible!



  1. Customers MUST take pictures at 2 of our in-mall displays, it can be 2 separate posts, multiple posts or photo collage.
  2. Post the pics on Facebook or/and Instagram
  3. Customers MUST be GI’s & HKDL’s FANS on Facebook
  4. Customers MUST be GI’s & HKDL’s FOLLOWERS on Instagram
  5. Customers must share the reason they want to go to HKDL on the caption
  6. Tag 3 of your friends
  7. Customers can post as many pictures as possible
  8. Winner will be chosen based on:
    i. the creativity of the pic
    ii. interesting caption
    iii. number of likes/ followers
  9. The program will be held from 19th Oct – 26th November 2017